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Join in on the fun and learn how the best natural choices for your skin can empower you to strut with your head held high and go confidently in the direction of your dreams.

Our Facebook Private Subscription Group will reach all areas of the skincare and beauty fields so you can make the right decisions for yourself on living a natural, healthy, beautiful life.

Healthy Tips

Daily tips, tricks, and inspiration. Are you a DIY’er? We're your perfect match. Recipes shared have been tested, are successful, and broken down for all subscribers, including the resources on how to find the best quality ingredients.


An online forum accessible through Facebook (you don’t even have to take off your PJ pants, I won’t tell) of like minded friends that will encourage, support and motivate you to be the very best version of yourself, naturally.


A weekly stream of education on Skin + Science + Oils. Broken down in easy to understand terms that answer our favorite question. Why? Why does this work? Why should I use this? Why is this better than commercial skincare?

All Natural

Natural is not new, it is certainly not a fad... Nature is the OG power player that has come back to show us what the Earth is really made of and all its incredible magic it has to offer, if only we dare to unlock it.


Are you in the know? Or do you feel clueless? Either way, you are covered! Weekly information that can include tutorials, makeovers, and instructional step-by-step guides. You will learn how to pick your foundation shade and colors that will best suit you. Want to learn about contouring and getting an all over glow? We are ready to share it all with you.

I can't say enough about D&S. I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding services. You are the most valuable natural skincare resource I have EVER known. Thank you!
— Amber V., Happy Customer


Focusing On What Matters Most

D&S is a skincare and wellness destination written and curated by holistic esthetician Jamie Burkhalter. She is a mom to three daughters, and a quirky girl at heart. She is also creator of atriums, typography obsessed, and a lover of pen and ink, possibly born a few centuries too late. She is however, most importantly, passionate about teaching the everyday secrets of living well and putting your best skin forward without chemicals and toxic additives. Jamie believes that every person has the tools inside them to be everything they want, we just have to learn where and how to access them. As a licensed esthetician, professionally trained makeup artist, teacher and perpetual student, she is about to complete her aromatherapy certification and then will jump into becoming certified as an International Organic Skincare Entrepreneur. Just in time to share all of the secrets with her subscribers. We hope that you will join in below, this is a party you do not want to miss.



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This Private Facebook Subscription Group is jam packed with daily content to help you continually include nature's miracles in your daily skincare and beauty routine. Here is an outline of the content you can expect from this membership subscription.

Makeup Monday

A full day dedicated to the makeup we create, use and inspire us to start our week.

Tip Tuesday

Tip Tuesday will offer easy to read insightful information, DIY recipes, oils for skincare and more.

Wednesday Video Training

We'll share a video that walks through everything from makeup foundation to DIY skincare products.

Open Topic Thursday

Open Topics will fill our forum on Thursday. Have something you would like to share, this is the day.

Friday Live Q&A

Every Friday will be your opportunity to interact with Jamie during her 1 hour Live video Q&A sessions.


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Buy a box and do it yourself at home.

Essential Skin Kit: Basics

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A fan favorite and the box that started it all! The basics kit is a full skin care routine, all wrapped up in a single box for you to enjoy. We are talking face wash, toner, serum, and moisturizer. The twist here is that some of the items are samples from my favorite skin care line, and some we make together. DIY at its finest... shipped to you, where ever you are! Everything you need is included. Along with the box of goodies are all the resources (via online training) to complete the DIY products as well as education as to WHY you need a routine, what each step means and how it benefits your skin. For me, if I know why I should be incorporating all aspects into my daily routine… it’s easier to talk myself off the couch at night, wash my face and do what is best for my skin health. Life is complicated, your skin care routine should not be.

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Essential Skin Kit: Holiday

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The holidays are all about Glitz and Glam! Am I right?! But in reality, our skin is most likely in survival mode from the colder climate. The holiday box is a beautifully packaged survival guide. Think of decadent botanical facial steams (2), facial masks (2) crafted from cacao and espresso, gentle lip polish, and indulgent dark chocolate lip balm. Don’t forget the rest of your body, with a nourishing and hydrating hand and body cream! Just as with other boxes, there will be online video training for each item. Along with specific recipes, ingredient resources and that favorite word of mine, WHY. There will be answers to “why is this a beneficial routine for your skin?” Grab one for yourself, it also makes a perfect gift for a friend!

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Includes tax and shipping